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Game List

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Game List


Feel free to move games once it fits, just cite where the information came from.




Here we will list, link to, and describe briefly games whose authors define of and mention as "CSI Games".

  • Cranium Rats by Guy Shalev. Cranium Rats is where the Wiki page will be. In this game three Aspects go to a metaphysical war over someone who is walking towards Enlightenment, the four agents' goals are mutually exclusive.
  • Apocalypse Girl by Sydney Freedberg.
  • The Dragon Vs. The Gun by J.J. Prince
  • Gnostigmata(scroll to the bottom of the page] by John Kirk.
  • The President is superf***d by Matthijs Holter. The Illuminati, the aliens and the government all want control of America. You just want to win. Inspired by Charles the Bald is superf***d by Matthijs Holter. The original Iron Game Chef entry, set in 9th century Bretagne.
  • ORX: Nasty, Brutish & Short by Raven Daegmorgan.
  • Threads by Filip Luszczyk. The game is universal when it comes to setting/color and focuses on conflicts around which the backround story is woven. It combines Role-Playing with CCG-like gameplay (or the other way, if you prefer), providing lots of strategic options. Depending on the approach it can be used as a CSI Game, a typical story creation centred RPG or simply as a card game.
  • Fantasy Game Engine by Andrew Cooper. In development.




Here we will mention and link to games whose authors mention that they fit the CSI Game Criteria as posted on the CSI Games Blog.

Some games on this list will have features of CSI Games but may not fit the profile perfectly.




Here we will give our subjective thoughts, we will mention games that pass the 'definition test', but the author did not say anything regarding their game and CSI Games.

  • Capes by Tony Lower-Basch.
  • Final Stand(Direct Download link) by Tim Denee. A gamist kung-fu game with rules involving mandatory background story creation between the combat scenes.


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