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The President is superf***d


You’ve got your story ready. You know what you’re going to say. The tale of the Aliens establishing a secret base at the bottom of Lake Michigan just has to be the best story this round. You’re guaranteed a good score!

But something goes wrong. You don’t get the Aliens card. You get the Government. And a quick look at the board tells you that the Great Lakes aren’t an option anymore - you have to focus on the Mojave Desert. The desert!? What on earth is the President doing there?

You’re the only one who can find out. It’s your turn to tell a story. The others are looking at you.




“The President is Superf***ed” (a rewrite of “Charles the Bald is Superf***ed”) is a tactical story-telling game for three to four players. The game is about aliens, illuminati and the U. S. government fighting for power in North America. During the game you’ll be narrating parts of a dramatic and entertaining story, and competing to be the best story-teller each turn. At the same time you’ll be trying to conquer territories on the board, by getting to tell the story of the winners in those territories.


The game board


Cards, three for each faction: "Victory", "Cliffhanger" and "A good start..."


The game is available as PDF. To order a copy, drop a mail to Matthijs Holter.


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